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We’re committed to help you print and engrave personalised products with your own designs.

What We Offer

Get state-of-the-art printing and engraving services that help you create high-quality personalised products with a lifetime warranty and continued customer service support.

What We Use

With the latest flatbed UV printing and laser engraving technology, you’re assured your printed and engraved designs are of the highest quality.

Where to Find Us

Bracken Ridge, North Brisbane Queensland 4017


Opening a Keepsake Box brings back your precious memories.

Inside of it are stories, emotions, and memories that
are protected as precious as diamonds.
We use laser engraving to create personalised,
permanent, deep marks that reflect you and your story
because the box is a beautiful reflection of yourself.



Our boxes are made from a variety of kinds of wood. We use walnut, maple, vine, natural wood, and many more.

How do we do it?

Q: How does Laser Engraving work in Keepsake Boxes?

A: The laser beam impinges on the wood, exposing it to a great deal of heat. Depending on the choice of your graphics, the laser’s exposure time burns the wood, thus creates contrast and changes in color. This results in permanent engraving and is very resistant to abrasion. Check out this video to see laser engraving in action

Option 1: Be Creative!

Step 1: Click on the product and then the Customise button
Step 2: Add your photo, logo, or any text you like
Step 3: Choose any from 100+ fonts available
Step 4: Finalise your design
Step 5: Click Add to Cart and checkout

Option 2: Upload Your Artwork

Step 1: Click on the upload button above the add to cart and upload your artwork
Step 2: Add any details about your customization in the description field
Step 3: Click the Add to Cart or Buy Now button and make payment
Step 4: We will design using your photo/artwork and we will email you for approval
Step 5: Once approved, we will start the engraving.

Option 3: Send Us Email

Step 1: Click the Add to Cart or Buy Now button and make payment
Step 2: We will send a confirmation email
Step 3: Reply to your choice of customization, and attach your photo or artwork
Step 4: We will design using your photo/artwork and we will email you for approval
Step 5: Once approved, we will start the engraving.

1. We have ready-made templates that you can choose from if you want us to create the design for you.
2. Photo must be high-quality and rectangular (landscape or portrait)
3. The designs made for you will be automatically approved if we don’t receive an approval email within 24hrs.

Check our wide range of templates

Is there a Warranty, Replacement & Refund?

Yes. We are confident with the quality of our Keepsake Boxes.
However, you’ll get a free replacement if the engraving deteriorates or if the wood decays within 1 year.

In the event you received a Keepsake Box that’s not as advertised,
a replacement will be sent with no additional cost.
We consider the box eligible for replacement if:
1.Prints and designs are not the ones that you approved
2.Box is damaged, chipped, or broken

In the unfortunate event your box’s prints and designs are not the ones you approved, or if it is damaged, we can honour a refund. However, we ask that you give us a chance to make it right by processing a replacement instead.

If there are any issues or concerns with your boxes, feel free to send an email to www.emailhere.com
within 3 days after purchase so we can replace/refund the card ASAP.

We use walnut, maple, vine, natural wood and many more different kinds of woods.

Neither. If you want a lighter tone, you go with Maple, and if you want darker, you can go with Walnut.
Vine and natural woods also offer different benefits, choosing which to use is a matter of preference

We use laser engraving. It is a process that vaporizes materials into fumes to engrave permanent, deep marks.
The laser beam acts as a chisel, incising marks by removing layers from the surface of the material.

About Our Clients

UV Print Australia is made by you and for you. Yes, really! Everything that this company offers is all for you.

In our experience, we’ve always had clients who have a creative vision of what design they want for their products. Having been through hours of discussions with heaps of clients, we wanted to give them, give you, a solution to your problem: “I just don’t know how to explain it.”

So, we created UV Print Australia. It’s more than just a printing and engraving shop. It’s your best way of expressing your creativity, creating your design, and getting your designs printed.

Together, let’s make what you want to happen



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