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Different Types of Wave Cards and Their Functions


Quickly share your contact details through NFC technology.

Simply tap your Wave Card to a smartphone to wirelessly share your information-no internet connection needed. Or you can also use the custom QR code on your card. No worries! Wave Cards are ready to use! We will program the NFC Cards when you order, and you can refer to the Quick Guide that we provide whenever you want to update and program the card again in the future.

I told you, this is not your ordinary business card.

Different Types of Wave Cards and Their Functions

Wave Cards are designed for the current needs of people in the modern century. Gone are the days when sharing your contact details limits to names, phone numbers, and maybe a website or an address. The choices of information you can set into Wave Cards to share with people are limitless in the most literal sense.
To further explain the different kinds and functions of Wave Cards, meet the four hypothetical Wave Cards owners: Warren, Angel, Victor, and Elena.

Warren and his Digital Business Wave Card
Warren is an entrepreneur. He owns a promising company that provides services to home and business owners who would like to improve their houses and office interiors. His current lifestyle is rich with attendance at parties, formal events, and informal business gatherings. He wanted to take the opportunity to introduce himself to the people he usually comes across to now and then.
He uses a Digital Business Wave Card to share his personal contact information. That’s why when he met this guy at the party whom he heard was interested in improving his home’s interior, he spent time having an insightful conversation. Later on, he introduced himself and offered help. He tapped his Wave Card to the guy’s smartphone to wirelessly share his name, job title, email, website, office address, and phone number. The following week, Warren started a new project with his company. That’s right, he was working on the interior of the home of the guy he met at the party!

Angel with her Social Media Wave Card
Angel is a young and energetic influencer. She does makeup tutorials, product reviews, and fashion ideas on her social media channels. Although she’s new in the field, she does her marketing successfully all by herself! She posts colourful images on Facebook and Instagram regularly. She designed her own website. Most of all, she’s super active on YouTube and Tiktok!
Earlier this year, she started to build her audience. She’s been attending product launch invitations from different business owners. During these events, she gets to meet various people who find her interesting. Some of them would even consider introducing her to their bosses. Angel takes advantage of these opportunities by showing them what she can do on social media platforms thru Social Media Wave Card. By just tapping the card against their smartphone, all of her social media accounts are shared instantly.

Victor’s Lead Generation Wave Card
If you are looking for someone who has eyes for art and meaning, Victor is a hardworking photographer and videographer who does his craft well. His perspective towards certain shots is extraordinary and yet, surprisingly sensible. Because of his amazing skills and talent, a lot of couples visit his humble shop for an appointment. Friends and families wanted to be photographed by him in their events and activities.
His business is getting so much attention it deserves, and he didn’t want to miss every single opportunity to close deals. Luckily, he had been using a Lead Generation Wave Card even before his business started to boom. This card has been serving him like a Virtual Assistant who manages all his appointments. All he does is tap his Wave Card to the smartphones of potential clients who walk into his shop. By doing this, his clients get instant access to his Google Calendar and other booking applications. He has been managing his time and resources with so much ease!

Reviews Collector Wave Card of Elena
Do you like Asian food? Do you imagine Tom Yam or Beef Pho delivered to your doorstep at any point in time of the day? How do you find eating Rendang or Briyani with your family across the street? Imagine buying takeout Chicken Adobo or Chicken Ramen after work for dinner?
Elena’s Asian Cuisine is currently the town’s most famous restaurant! It’s not very surprising if you experienced the world-class food and service Elena’s team provides. But it’s not just that, Elena doesn’t put extra effort into marketing, but her restaurant became a household name fast! Thanks to all the online reviews, her customers are her marketing! Do not underestimate the power of word of mouth.
But how did she manage to accumulate reviews despite her busy day-to-day operations? Reviews Collector Wave Card did almost all the work. She doesn’t have to tell her customers to go to her website or spell out her social media pages to get them to write reviews. She’ll just scan her Wave Card to her customers’ smartphones, and they’ll already have access to her review platforms! In an instant, her customers are already giving her excellent reviews without any hassle!

Wave Cards are designed to assist us in our unique needs today. The world has evolved, and what we used ten years ago to perform our important tasks undoubtedly needs upgrades. These NFC Cards aim to fill the gaps to online access effectively and efficiently for everyone.