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How To Customise And Program Your Wave Cards



Tap Wave Card to Mobile Phone or Scan the QR Code
Notification will pop-up after the smartphone read the NFC
Click the notification and it will navigate you to the respective platform!

How To Customise And Program Your Wave Cards

The best thing about Wave Cards is that they’re useful. It is not just a card that you’ll buy because it’s cool or trendy, but because it can help you. In other words, Wave Cards are an investment in more efficient day-to-day transactions, may it be business or personal.

The fact that you can customise and program these NFC cards to suit your needs is enough reason to invest in one. You have so much freedom in terms of design and functionality, almost limitless. Here’s how to customise and program your Wave Cards:

Step 1: This part is easy, Order your Wave Cards!

You can order on Etsy. eBay or on our website

Step 2: The fun part, Customise!

We will send you easy instructions on what to do next.

Step 3: The final step!

We will print your card and send it to your doorstep!
Congratulations! You are now officially an owner of a Wave Card!


Programming and Customisation Notes:

For a Digital Business Card, simply email the contact details that you want to set. The chip and the QR code will be programmed for you.

But what if you want to set online links rather than just your contact details? Furthermore, what if you have more than one link that you want to set in your Wave Card? That’s possible! This case is common for Social Media Card, Lead Generation Card, and Reviews Collector Card. Thanks to LinkTree, all your links can be found neatly arranged in just one link! How to set up and use LinkTree?

First, Type LINKTREE in your search bar. Go up to the green Sign Up for Free Button in the upper right-hand corner. Provide them with an email, a username, and a password that you want to use. Then click Sign Up With Email Button.

Next, they’re going to ask you to confirm a few things. One of them is your full name. And then select three tags of categories that will best describe what you will be using your LinkTree for. For example; brand, independent/small business, or business professional. Click the continue button at the bottom of this page.

It will then take you to another page to let you know that they have a Pro Plan and a Free Account. In this case, we’ll be using the Free Account. Click the Sign Up For Free Button at the upper right-hand corner, then click Continue To My LinkTree.

You’ll be navigated to your LinkTree Home Page.
The first thing to do is add a new link by clicking the Add New Link button. Give the link a title. (For example; follow me on Instagram). Open up a new tab on your browser and open your Instagram Profile. Copy the link to your Instagram Profile. Go back to LinkTree, and paste the link in the space where it says URL. If you want to add another link just repeat this process.

And finally, you are done! You can go to the home option where you can see your link.
Email this link to us so that we can put it on your Wave Card. This single link will allow people to go through your social media platforms, websites, and more!