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How To Use Wave Cards



Tap Wave Card to Mobile Phone or Scan the QR Code
Notification will pop-up after the smartphone read the NFC
Click the notification and it will navigate you to the respective platform!

Congratulations! You already purchased your first Wave Card!

So, what’s next? What are you supposed to do with that stylish little card that boasts “Not your ordinary business card”.

Well, it’s natural to ask how you are supposed to use it. Regardless of what phone you own, using a Wave Card is easy.


The main idea you should remember is that all Wave Cards are embedded with an NFC Tag. Once your Wave Card passes within an inch of a smartphone, it will share what information you have set. Knowing this gives you most of the information you’ll need upon using it.


The process is almost the same with both Android and Apple Phones. There is only a slight difference because the NFC Tag is located differently. For Android Phones, just unlock your phone, then scan or wave within an inch on the centre of the back of your phone, where the NFC Tag is located. On the other hand, the same process applies to the Apple Phones, only that you’ll have to scan or wave within an inch at the top of the screen because this is where the NFC Tag of Apple Phones are located.


The Wave Cards are most beneficial to those whose business or service relies mostly on connecting with people. May it be young entrepreneurs or influencers, the effectiveness of Wave Cards depends on its compatibility with the majority of the phones of the people around you. Being compatible with Android and Apple Phones is already a huge advantage. But what if the person you are connecting with is using an older version of a smartphone? These phones are probably not embedded with NFC Tags. Or what if they prefer to use their secondary dated phone for these kinds of transactions? This is where the QR Code Option comes in. Just scan the Wave Card’s QR Code using the phone’s camera, you’ll be able to transfer the information you have set in your card.


You can play along with your Wave Cards using your phone. Try it out with your friends and family members too. Chances are you’ll get to experience sharing your info to Apple, Android, and older phones. By the time you’ve done trying, you’ll be comfortable using it with people you have yet to meet, anytime and anywhere.